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Gold Coast Hot Spot to Buy Property

Everyone is looking for the best location to buy property for growth, while there's varying opinions on where to invest your cold hard hard cash we think Hollywell is the perfect location and in this article we tell you exactly why.

Hollywell, Gold Coast

First off, Hollywell is a little unknown suburb that's sandwiched between the better known Paradise Point to the north and Runaway Bay to the south.

It's what could be described as a small enclave of waterfront homes, duplexes and apartments plus the odd suburban family home of the 70's to 80's era

The locale follows the broad water with canals reaching into the suburb of which all the waterfront homes reside and as the land is flat and blocks are quite large, there's been quite a few houses torn down to make make way for glamorous modern duplexes.

So now that you know a bit about the style of houses here, this is where is starts to get interesting. Data shows that the average price in Hollywell is significantly lower then it's glitzy well known neighbours although there's very little difference between the homes other then name of the suburb they're located in.

Here's the data:

Median Property Price Runaway Bay - $955,000

Median Property Price Hollywell - $720,000

Median Property Price Paradise Point - $1,232,500

This price disparity is a key reason we consider Hollywell to be one of the Gold Coast's top hot spots. History has shown that fringe suburbs often have market corrections of rapid growth to catch up with their far more expensive neighbours and the statistics are showing that this area has all the hallmarks of this trend to occur in the future. We suggest that you add Hollywell to your property search, and if you can get a home for a great price then you will be perfectly positioned to reap the rewards.

Local Property Team can help you to find the perfect place to buy or perhaps you want to get some more real estate insider tips on the Gold Coast.

Get in touch if you have any further questions.

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