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Latest property investment statistics for Paradise Point

There's lots to love about this location and perhaps that's why the area is so popular with renters however the high entry price point might not make this locale a desirable investment particularly if it's yields that you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you are buying for capital growth or perhaps wanting to get into the area for a place to retire and want to have a renter in the mean time then this is exactly the place you should consider investing.

Surrounded by water, Paradise Point is exactly that. Paradise for those of us that live here and a peninsula fringed by wetlands, a river and the beautiful Gold Coast broadwater.

The area has a variety of property options available from compact modest apartments right up to expansive multi million dollar waterfront mansions yet with a surprisingly high number of modern duplex style residences that surround the main restaurant and dining precinct which are both fairly priced and ultra convenient.

We've enclosed below some of the most important real estate rental statistics that you should know before buying an investment property in Paradise Point.

Key statistics:

- Median Sale Price: $1,146,250 (Sep 19)

- 125 properties leased in the last 12 months (Oct '18 - Sep '19)

- Median Rent: $680 per week

- Rental Yield +3.1%

Recent rental results

- 2/1 ROSALIND AVENUE leased for $450 per week

- 23 KING ARTHURS COURT leased for $1,500 per week

- 28 EXCALIBUR COURT leased for $2,700 per week

* Data Based on a rolling 12 month period and may differ from calendar year statistics*

Demand is high from renters and just as high from buyers so getting into the market is tough but, when you do there's a fantastic renter awaiting to take up the opportunity to lease your property.

Local Property Team is a fantastic choice for the management of your property and we can also match you up with perfect place to buy.

Get in touch today if you have any further questions.

Brennan Hill

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